On the 'meseta' and in the mountainous areas of central Spain of which de Sierra de Francia is one, there live some of the biggest birds of Europe. So there is for example a settlement of griffon vultures at walking distance from the campsite. Their wingspan can become over 2 meters. Other big birds that can be seen on a regular base are the egyptian vulture, the red and the black kite and the short toed eagle while at night the barn owl, the scops owl and the tawny owl are frequently to be heard.

Of course there is a wide variety of smaller birds as well living on the campsite. The golden oriole may be considered as house bird of 'El Burro Blanco' because it can be heard and seen so easily. It would lead to far to mention all the birds that have been seen here over the past four years.
At request we will sent you our bird-list.

At the reception you can find a logbook where the guests of 'El Burro Blanco' can register their observations, not only of birds but as well of other interesting animals like there are lizards, salamanders, toads, frogs and a wide variety of butterflies.

One of the special places in the neighbourhood where flora and fauna are sensationally rich and beautiful is the valley of Las Batuecas. Among the mixed vegetation you will find the pyrenean oak, the corkoak as well as ilexes, taxus, cypresses, olive-trees and madroños. One can have a nice walk along the river where prehistoric people have left their traces as wallpaintings in their caves. This valley is another place where the really big birds can be seen often as well as mountaingoats and roebucks. Of course you can see all this even better through binoculars.