Camping "El Burro Blanco" (The White Donkey), a "Parador amongst the camping sites" as it was baptised by some of its clients, is quietly situated in a woody and mountainous landscape.
The camping-site, a real pleasure ground for nature lovers, measures 2,5 hectares and there are only 30 lots scattered in small groups. One can have more or less shadow or even no shadow at all according to ones liking and the view varies from the brook that passes over the campsite or the fountain that gives spring-water, 'the medieval village' on the hilltop at about 1km, to the wide panorama in the direction of the Peña de Francia, the highest mountain in the area (1723 meters).

In every season the place has its charms and although even in summer it is a very "green" area, nature is at its richest in spring.
Most lots have the possibility of 220V hook up and you can choose for 6 or 10 Amps according to your need.
There is a bar and a terrace with a marvellous view where late in the afternoon guests tend to gather to drink something before (or after) their evening meals. In spring and autumn they can stretch their legs in front of the fireplace.

The camping has good and clean sani-tary installations: washing basins and showers, basins for the dishes and for washing cloth all with cold and hot water, toilets and a special place to empty chemical toilets. In the main building there are: the reception desk, an internet cabin, the bar, a library, a television set which on request can be switched on for special events and a washing machine with spin-dryer.

The managers will gladly inform you about the area and its possibilities. There are topographical maps available for the advanced 'trekkers'.
In the river Francia (walking distance) you can have a swim or try your luck on fishing. On the camping there is a small field for sports like badminton and 'jeu de boules'.


The camping-site is open from 01-05 until 07-09 and from 11-09 until 01-10,

so that in winter the vegetation can recuperate.

The rates for 2019 (not included 10% VAT)

- the lot (80-120 m2)
- adult
- child (younger than 6)
- hook-up 220V

6 Amps
10 Amps
: 8.00 euro
: 6.00 euro
: 3.50 euro
: 3.50 euro
: 4.80 euro

In order to conserve the rustic character of the campsite we only admit caravans and campervans <6.00 mtrs.

Dogs are allowed unless kept on the leash on the premises.