"El Burro Blanco" itself is the ideal place to sit lazily under a tree, enjoying the view and the sounds of the birds or just dream away. Of course you can read a book and in case you didn't bring one there is a rather nice little library with books in the English language as well. If you want more action there is of course the playground for pétanque, badminton or whatsoever.

There is a variety of walks you can make starting from the campsite; from about an hour and a half over gently sloping terrain to trips that will take all day through mountainous areas. To mention something specifically: the GR 10 passes right through Miranda del Castañar.
In general the scenery in this area is very surprising and varied.


Partly because of the natural environment (gradient of the slopes, kind of soil), partly because of the presence or absence of human activity. It all works out quite nicely.
There are two rivers with permanent water, the river Alagon and the river Francia. They both lie at walking distance from El Burro Blanco and at some places can be swum in. The large amounts of fish (e.g. trout), crawfish and turtles* indicate that the water is relatively clear. Miranda has a very nice swimming pool for people who prefer that.
Practised cyclists can scout the Sierra mounted on their favourite 'wheels', be it a racing-bike or a mountainbike. Most roads have a good (asphalted) surface and they are generally very quiet.

For farther-off goals, such as the valley of Las Batuecas, the Sierra de Béjar or the Sierra de Gredos, it is convenient to take your car.
The cities of Salamanca (Cultural Capital of Europe in 2002), Ciudad Rodrigo and Avila are certainly worth the trip. All three of them have interesting historical monuments and may be considered a must for the cultural minded.

The inhabitants in the whole area are generally friendly and helpful, especially when they notice that you are trying to speak their tongue. The area has been isolated for quite a time.

*) Between the villages Casas del Conde and Miranda fishing is partially allowed.